My Social Standing

What am I doing as my digital self across the internet? Where do I fit in with other users of social media? There are so many avenues to be involved in online it is difficult to classify exactly where I, as an individual, fit in; and also, where you fit in. It is possible though to determine precisely how your use of social media fits into the grand scheme of things.

Consider Forrester’s Social Technographics. For me, I would fall partly under the “Creator” category with the majority of my time spent in the “Conversationalist” category. I have created my own website,, which doesn’t necessarily exist anymore because it was too expensive. I had this website for a year, but I’ve moved on primarily because I can achieve the same results with free sites, such as So I have created some content online just not as much as people who may be fully involved with creating content, it’s just not as appealing to other users as a funny YouTube video would be. However, I do aspire to be a full-blown creator one day, when I have more time to devote to creating content. As for the conversationalist ranking I’ve bestowed upon myself, this comes mostly from my interactions on Facebook and Twitter. I talk with my friends, posting on their walls and tweeting at them and such. It’s easier to be involved at this level because most people are. It’s also a convenient level to be involved at because I am on par with my peers.

Another social media usage classifier, Pew’s Internet Technology types, decrees the same concept as Forrester’s Social Technographics, just in different words and with a slightly different approach. Here, I would consider myself as a media mover aspiring to be an ambivalent networker for the same reasons mentioned above. I feel like this is an accurate representation of where I stand via social media especially since I struggle so much with the simple act of posting blog entries. I would much rather be on Pinterest, commenting and repining other posts than create my own.

My current motives for my social interactions are to have fun and digitally portray myself as accurately as possible. My motives behind my interactions consist of keeping in touch with old friends, staying in the “know” of my current friends, and being entertained. With that said, a brand can best relate to me by providing me with entertainment. If I’ve heard about a really funny branded video, I’ll watch it. Also, if a brand makes a video about how they are helping the environment, or doing something really productive, I’ll watch that too and tell my friends about it. Basically, I will consume things that are relevant to my interests. Another way a brand can relate to me is through incentives. I want to make more UGC, so if I were incentivized to do so, and the timing was right, I would participate.

My status as a social media user will continue to change as my life evolves. I really am determined to become an avid blogger, which change my Social Technographics ranking as well as my Pew Internet Technology type. Technology is progressing so quickly that it is hard to keep up at times. I just wonder where the breaking point is. When will social media just become too much, and people aren’t so concerned with being so involved?



About Emily Baumgartner

My name is Emily Baumgartner and I will be graduating Magna Cum Laude in May 2012, from East Carolina University, with a BSBA in Marketing. I am currently looking for a full-time position in the marketing, sales, or advertising related fields and am willing and able to relocate anywhere in the country for the right opportunity. ______________________________________________ For more information about me, please visit

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