Development of Crafty

Crafty In Nature – The musings, thoughts, and hopeful projects of a living crafter

My passion in life is to make things. Either to take something and make something else, or start with nothing and make it into something. This is where crafts fit in to my life because that’s all they are, making things. Crafts can be simple and be accomplished in an hour, or more complex and consequently requiring the devotion of more time. Crafty In Nature will eventually become a compilation of the crafts I think are nifty, creative, breathtakingly fabulous, and just overall awesome! Also, there are other things which I have learned that I may also include on this blog.

For those who are just not as into making things, I also like to share things that are interesting, intriguing, and inspiring. Much of what I hope to post will fall in these categories.

So, with that said, Happy Reading!

And thank you to the development of social media; where would we be without it?


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