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Being a Headhunter just sounds… LEGIT (hands down, period, end of story)

As a senior at East Carolina University, and graduation approaching in just over a month, the options for starting my life are numerous. What can you do with a marketing degree, well, basically anything! Every company has a marketing department whether it’s big or small. I always imagined myself working at some corporate headquarters coming up with the “next big thing” as far as advertising goes; and that may happen, but not yet at least. I want to be at a job with more day-to-day fire and excitement!

I read this article recently called, Executive Recruiter Career – How to Become a Headhunter. Granted, it was written in 2008, but there are still some good points the author made throughout the article. After reading it, I determined that yes, indeed, I want to be a recruiter. Or should I say, headhunter, which just sounds awesome! Being able to match a potential candidate up with a job they may not have otherwise known about can be life changing for them! I want to be a part of something where I get to work with people directly and impact their life in some way, whether it be large or small. I see myself as a recruiter, doing just that – changing lives.

In my research, I have found two really great recruiting agencies, Insight Global and Creative Circle. The corporate culture at firms such as these tends to be high energy and fast paced with an emphasis on team work from fellow employees who are self-motivated. I would fit right in!